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Time Management: Paying Too Much Attention to Detail
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June 22, 2018, 01:48:49 PM
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Author Topic: Time Management: Paying Too Much Attention to Detail  (Read 824 times)
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Paying Too Much Attention to Detail
When we set out in pursuit of a goal, we often become so entangled in the small details that we forget to look at the big picture . When we are paying too close attention to the details, when we make decisions, these decisions can result in a particular outcome not in alignment with your original goal, and therefore results in you wasting your time and compromising your productivity.

You begin focusing on the wrong things and before you know it, you’re back to square one. There is a fine line between figuring out what we should focus on and what we shouldn’t. But we must consider the possibilities of how something can turn out in the grand scheme of things. Looking at things from a small-minded viewpoint can plague our ability for expansion and growth.

Have you ever laid out at night and gaze at the stars? It shows us how small we really are. You wonder how you have a place in such a vast, expansive universe.

When you consider this, you are thinking about the bigger picture.

When you focus on the big picture, your problems seem so small. But you’re still important because you are part of the company and what you do has an effect on the whole.
There are many reasons you should have this perspective on your work and life.

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