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three 3 phase electric motors
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June 23, 2018, 08:57:10 AM
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Author Topic: three 3 phase electric motors  (Read 3072 times)
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« on: December 26, 2011, 02:56:06 PM »

Low HP 3 ph gear motors and higher HP three phase motors. $50.

Unless otherwise noted all have been tested and work fine. Individual
pictures or each available:

Marathon Electric mdl FVJ 56H17F2022 K, frame 56C, 230/460VDC 3 phace,
1HP, 1725rpm, 3 torque.*

Bodine Type 30R6BEPP-D3, ser A03570001, 6:1 gear mtr, 230v, 3ph, 60Hz,
283rpm, 1/17HP, 9inlb. Have two, both new still sealed in bag in box. 3

Brother gear motor, GMFG015G2, 220v, 3phase, 60Hz, 0.5a, 1610rpm,
1/10HP 15:1. Have two new, still in sealed boxes. 5 pics:

Groschopp right angle gear mtr, model AC8060FC-RA5010M, p/n 6913-4003,
230V, 3 phase, 60Hz, 0.77 amps, 0.128HP. Reducer output: 170rpm,
54.5"lb, 10:1 ratio. Have two.* 5 pics:

Leeson c182t17db33a, 208-230v / 460, 3 phase, 60hz, 1760rpm, 3HP. 2

U.S. Electric F038, 230 / 460v, 3phase, 60Hz, 6.4/3.2a, 3460 rpm, 2HP,
Frame 145TC. Two pics:

Siemens-Nord right angle gearmotor w/reducer 230yy/460y,
LA5060-4BB99-Z, 1S32F-63, 0.84/0.42 amp, 3 phase, 60Hz, 1685rpm,
0.18hp. Reducer ratio 9.25, max torq 43inlb, op speed 181rpm, frame
63.* Have mtr & gearbox installation and maintenance instruction pdfs.
4 Pics:

u.s. electric 145T, 230/460v, 3475rpm, 3hp, 3phase, 6205-... ,
4606B/... 2 pics:

Dayton 2N984J 208-220/440v, 3 phase, 60/50hz, 14.7-14.4/7.2a,
1740/1440rpm, 5HP, Frame 215. 2 pics:

Baldor 34A63-883, 56C frame, 60 Hz, 230/460 Volts, 3/1.5 Amps, 1725
RPM; 50 Hz, 190/380 Volts, 2.6/1.4 Amps, 1425RPM; 1/2 HP.* Two pics:

Reliance P56H5069G, 208-230vac / 460-480vac, 3phase, 2.2 / 1.1a,
1725rpm, 1/2hp, frame FB56C. Looks new never used. (0 to 1725rpm)* 3

SEW USOCOME, SA42DT80K4, 230/400v, 50Hz, 3phase, 3.05/1.76a, 1360/53
rpm, 0.737HP(0.55KW). * Have mtr & gearbox pdf. 2 Pics:

SEW Euro right angle gearmotor, dft71d4, 230yy/460y, 3phase, 60Hz,
2.15/1.07a, 1700 rpm, 0.5HP. Gearbox s32dt71d4, ratio 36.95, in
1700rpm, out 46rpm. * Have mtr & gearbox pdf. 3 Pics:
- - - - - - - - - -

Individual Pictures of everything are available.

central florida

ALLPAULCLA at at gmail dotie com

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